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Leave The Light On
Leave The Light On
Leave The Light On
One Blue Wall Magazine

Leave The Light On

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Leave The Light On is our 2019-20 school year’s open submission magazine. It features writing, graphic design, photography, and author interviews about childhood fears that follow us into adulthood. Here is an introductory poem featured in the magazine:  

When we were young,
we feared the dark.
The underneath of our bed
that held the stuff of nightmares.
Creatures of all sorts and sizes,
with teeth as big as our heads,
arms as skinny as sticks,
and voices like three-part harmonies of nails on chalkboard.
But as we grow,
our boogeymen grow with us,
filling the extent of those spaces between,
the spaces we cannot see.
The dark.
And though we may not fear the dark as much as we did
when we were young,
we have learned to fear what lurks within it. 
So please, 
after you have tucked us in, 
leave the light on.