Roscoe Dalton

name: R O S C O E

grade: 12

pronouns: HE and him

magnet: MST

position: selections  

scorpio man :(

i joined because.... I had been interested in and a part of creative writing sphere around Manual in both my Sophomore and Especially my Junior year. I saw OBW as a way to integrate myself further with that space and have the opportunity to experience new styles and understandings of the use of creative writing.

my fun times: D&D, Video Games, Writing, watching video essays, learning (🤓), and hiking

I aspire to be an Author, someone who is involved in the political sphere, or something in academia

favorites: Whoopie pies, Jefferson Memorial Forest, The Oh Hellos, Moon, Gray

little fact: My spice tolerance is ungodly low

IG @raiderofyourbeanz