Kennedy Miles

Name: Kennedy Miles
Pronouns: She/Her
 Magnet: J&C
Grade: 10th
Position: Selections
Why I joined the staff: I joined this staff because I was wanted to enhance my writing abilities and I knew that no other staff would fit me. This staff has became a comfortable space for me to be myself, and I'll never regret joining this staff.
Zodiac sign: gemini
Some hobbies: Track, Piano and clarinet, working out.
I aspire to be: I would like to be a writer but if I can't i wouldn't mind being an english professor that teaches creative writing
My favorite things: I loveeee track, and writing poetry, I also loved whipped cream, and spending time with my family.
A silly little fun fact: I split my tongue in half when I was younger.
Contact: @porquenadiamequiere on insta and tiktok